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4. October 2018 10:54
by Admin

Iwi Register - Setup Verifier

4. October 2018 10:54 by Admin | 0 Comments

A verifier is a user role that verifies registrations. Verified registrations increase the registrations count.

The site was originally designed to have thousands of registrations and the Iwi assigned an individual verifier for each Hapu. Therefore, at this stage a verifier can verify one Hapu at a time.

This means if you need an individual to verify more than one Hapu (maybe yourself), they will need additional logins for each Hapu they are needing to verify. We maybe updating this in a future release to allow an individual login to verify more than one Hapu.

First, setup a user to be a verifier. Login as an administrator, then click Admin | User Admin

Select the user record that is to be a verifier - in this example 61217

Ensure Verifier role is the only one selected then click Update:

Go to Registration List

Click Add Verifier

Enter the User ID then click Search

Assign the Hapu

Then click Submit

This will update the record

The verifier can then login and the Hapu menu item will be available