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11. November 2015 12:45
by Admin

Import Statement to allow editing of layout

11. November 2015 12:45 by Admin | 0 Comments

This process allows a statement file to be imported into GDMA so the layout can be modified.

When editing the layouts of special reports such as statements and cheque layouts, avoid deleting layout items such as text boxes and labels as these maybe used during report production, otherwise the report may display errors and subsequently not able to display. Also avoid moving the items to different sections of the report, such as moving a text box from the page header section to the page footer.

Steps To Import

1. Click on the link below to download a zip file that contains a statement file to be imported.

GDMA Core Statement (13.77 kb)

2. Extract the statement file (called an RPX file) from within the zip file

3. In GDMA, open the RPX files utility


4. Click on the [...] button to select the RPX file, then click Open

5. Set Save As to GDMA Report

6. Select Statement.

Warning: Ensure that this is set correctly before clicking OK as this process is irreversible. Selecting the incorrect report will overwrite it, losing it's layout and the only way to retrieve the layout is through a gdpro database backup.

Edit Statement Layout

1. Select Statement report


2. Edit Layout

Sample Layout Change: Logo

1. Click on the logo

2. On right side, Properties, click Image row (as shown below) and a button [...] will display. Clicking on this will allow selection of another logo. Please note, large images will slow down report production.

Sample Layout Change: Text Change

1. Click on a Textbox

2. Edit text in Text row, as shown below