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11. November 2015 09:49
by Admin

Remove a distribution

11. November 2015 09:49 by Admin | 0 Comments

Please contact us first to discuss the implications of removing a distribution as removing a distribution is not reversible and may affect reporting and payment reconciliations.

Payments made against a distribution have a link to the distribution. When removing the distribution - the link between the distribution transactions and their associated payments are lost. This means reconciliation that relies on these links, may no longer be possible. Any reporting that relies on these links could also be affected producing incorrect results.

Ensure that a backup of the GDPro database is made prior to processing a distribution removal.

Distribution Removal Steps

Select the Trust and Distribution - ensure to select the correct distribution asonce it is removed, it is no longer retrievable.

Click Remove and a message will display with a code which is to be provided to us so we can send an Access Code. Once the Access Code is entered, clicking OK will process the removal.

The reason for this step is so we can discuss if it is necessary to remove the distribution, the implications of removing the distribution and ensuring the correct distribution is selected for removal.