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13. December 2015 03:13
by Admin

Reporting help

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Stuck with reporting?

There’s a report manual here that could help in your reporting enquiry: /post/2015/11/18/manuals

For more special one-off reports that you maybe able to do your self? /post/2015/11/26/gdpro-gdma-ad-hoc-reporting
And this will provide a great start to basic ad-hoc reporting: /post/2015/12/04/adhoc-reporting-of-shares

Ad-hoc reports not working in GDMA? Here’s something that will help /post/2015/08/28/gdpro-gdma-ad-hoc-reports-aren-t-working

If you need something more sophisticated, we can do a one-off report and add it to our development list here: – no ETA at this stage.

4. December 2015 01:17
by Admin

Adhoc reporting of shares

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To report on all shares for a block using the adhoc system, please watch this video

It then should look like this:

Click Preview in Grid once completed.

Filter by date range

In the criteria area add Shares Share Date twice:

Then put in your date criteria:

2. December 2015 22:42
by Admin

Split address into separate columns in Excel

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This report can be used to export addresses to MS Excel.

For all other reports that require each address line to be split.

First, the address needs to be in a single line. In this example, column D contains the address and column E has the formula that converts the multi line address to a single line =SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(D2,CHAR(10),";"),CHAR(13),"")

The next step is to copy and paste column E to column F, as a value

The final step is to then use Excel to separate the individual address lines into their own columns.

26. November 2015 00:58
by Admin

GDPro / GDMA Ad-Hoc Reporting

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To get the full extent of reporting your information, using ad-hoc reporting will provide reporting and analysis solution to answer business questions "as the occasion requires" without having to request queries from IT or getting a report specifically developed.

Here is a good start to understand the basic concept of doing database queries
Doing similar one-to-one courses can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars - so take this opportunity to do it at no cost.

We can make a day session for your area just for GDPro SQL. It will be a highly technical session specifically for GDPro database querying so it is important that the tutorials from are mastered prior to the session.

The first half of the day will go over the GDPro database and the rest of the day doing examples provided by the group.

The following articles also need to be understood as GDPro/GDMA/Grants use Microsoft SQL Server relational database server technology:


20. November 2015 14:12
by Admin

GDPro out in the field

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In the past, it was possible to put GDPro onto a laptop with the database in order to conduct an AGM at a location outside the organisation.

Support for GDPro on laptops

We no longer support GDPro out on laptops using a GDPro/GDMA database outside of the organisation, but we do GDMA. The reason is GDPro is becoming cumbersome to deploy due to the MS Access requirement and the changes Microsoft have made. GDMA installation is far less complicated and does not need special "rights" to have it installed.

For licensing reasons, GDPro/GDMA networked connectivity between machines that is outside the core office system is also not supported.

GDMA AGM Facility

GDMA has an AGM facility and there is a manual via the Help button (at the top) in GDMA.

We are also plan to create a package (free to licensed GDPro/GDMA organisations) that allows AGM functionality without the need of the GDPro/GDMA database. It is designed to:

  • extract trust information (name, shid, address, shares) to a file,
  • import the file to the AGM package on a laptop,
  • record attendance on the laptop at the AGM,
  • once the AGM is complete, extract the attendance information to a file
  • import the attendance information from the file, back into GDPro/GDMA at the office

SQL Server version on the laptop

***IMPORTANT*** SQL Server on the laptop needs to be the same version as the main SQL Server used for GDPro/GDMA at the office. Otherwise it may not be possible to restore the database from the laptop back to the office.

SQL Server Database

  1. Install SQL Server Management Studio to the Laptop
  2. Backup the database from the live server
  3. Restore the backup to the Laptop's SQL Server
  4. Add the SQL Server login

Laptop GDMA application

We will provide a link to install a temporary GDMA on the laptop. Please read the information in this link to provide us detail for created the GDMA link:

Can we have an "Open" GDMA for our laptops?

We have to supply individual GDMA’s to be custom made for each individual database – otherwise, this allows an open door to other people using our package without giving us appropriate acknowledgement (aka fees) of the amount of time and effort that has gone into the development of the package.

GDPro is "Open"?

It may be open for GDPro, but that is so very much dated and it’s platform unsupported by Microsoft, we no longer support GDPro onto laptops. Hence, why we have put a lot of development into GDMA, to future proof the system.

Therefore, please let us know how many blocks are in the database and we’ll build a GDMA just for your specific laptop within 48 business hours.


20. November 2015 00:37
by Admin

GDMA SQL Server Login

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GDPro/GDMA applications use a specific SQL Server login for access as the login requires dbowner permissions to allow it to drop temporary report tables, for example.

We have made it easy to add the default SQL Server login using the Arise DB Tool. This tool can be freely distributed and used in a commercial environment.
The software is provided "as is" and the author disclaims all warranties with regard to this software including all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness. In no event shall the author be liable for any special, direct, indirect, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, whether in an action of contract, negligence or other torturous action, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of this software.


SQL Server Authentication Mode

Do the following in SQL Server Management Studio (this can be downloaded and installed from Microsoft)


Add GDMA Login using Arise DB Tool

Login to SQL Server

Click Users

Tick Yes in step 1

If an error message displays, it maybe due to the login already in SQL Server and needs redoing:

In SQL Server Management Studio, do the following:


Once done, redo the steps to add the login using the Arise DB Tool.

Update 13/3/2020

1. Allow sql exe, via sql server binn folder, and sql ports (typically 1433,1434) in the firewall

2. Ensure TCP/IP and Named Pipes protocols enabled, then restart SQL Server service


19. November 2015 06:47
by Admin


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Over time the manuals will be transferred from various locations to here.


Scanning Application

GDMA Reporting

18. November 2015 01:03
by Admin

Trust Removal

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Removing a trust requires a backup of the database, the trust id and name. There is no downtime in order to remove the trust as we will send an application that will process the trust removal from your specific SQL Server and GDPro/GDMA database.

Removing the trust removes everything pertaining to it such as owners, aliases, trustees, distributions, payments, successions, grants, shares and financial history. Once removed, the information is no longer retrievable.

We have an automated process to do the removal. It requires reviewing (and development if required) before each use to ensure any database changes (new fields or tables, for example) that may had been made since the last time it was ran, are covered.

The reason we require the backup of the database is so we can test the removal process is only removing information pertaining to the trust.

GDMA purchase is required if the trust is to be transferred to another organisation. A fee applies if the trust is to be transferred to an organisation that currently has a GDMA license. Please let us know if this is required.

13. November 2015 07:07
by Admin

New Trusts

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Importing from Maori Land Court

New trusts are imported by us with either information you provide or we can attempt to source from the Maori Land Court. We are having problems with getting the data from MLC, so will try other means. Otherwise you may need to contact MLC directly for an electronic list. From our experience and feedback from clients, we found these lists not to be 100% accurate.

Importing Fee

The fee for importing the information starts from $1495 per block for up to 3,000 owners then 0.5 per owner after that. Less for small blocks.

We may reduce or waive the fee if the administrators / receiver of the newly imported trust, is not receiving any sort of remuneration in the management of the trust. This is to help those organisations that just don’t have to ability to service the fee.

Removing Blocks

$449 for block removal from the database.

Transfer existing GDPro databases

GDPro databases transferred are to come with their annual (or monthly) support fees and treated as a separate database and application (e.g. gdma 1, gdma 2)

Estimate Completion

Usually the import can be completed within 5 to 10 business days after receiving the data or database.

Why is there a fee for importing blocks?

As with other software such as MYOB, Flexitime payroll or XERO, the package pricing is on a per record basis or per company used within the packages. Plus years of experience in this work ensures that it is always done right with the best advice.

Are there limits on how many blocks can be used?

The cap is 10,000 owner records per database or 10 trust blocks, whatever is the lessor. An additional license is required per 10,000 owners.


New blocks will only work in GDMA as GDPro is no longer supported due to the outdated technology.

12. November 2015 15:08
by Admin

Technical: The installed files and registry settings

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The link below is a report from an installation monitoring application, which is a result of a GDMA installation:

monitored_report.htm (901.1KB)

GDMA also retains the use of the GDPro adhoc reporting system. It does means some files are added on the computer to replicate the GDPro environment. Files will be placed into a directory called c:\program files\gdpro\ or c:\program files\gdpro (x86)\
These are the install files