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18. June 2018 17:24
by Admin

Manual Payment

18. June 2018 17:24 by Admin | 0 Comments

The following records a payment of the outstanding balance for a particular owner. This process assumes that a payment has already been made manually by either cheque or direct credit. Please consult your bank regarding making a one-off direct credit payment through your online banking system.

First, select the owner.

Click financial transaction tab

At the footer of the tab click Trust Group Pay

Fill out the details

In the above example, the Trust Group is selected, entered the payment date and batch # (if any)

If you have done a chq, click Save Cheque Transaction Entry, or if you have done a direct credit, click Save DC Transaction Entry. In our example, we had done a Direct Credit.

Once completed, the transaction will show in the transactions history for the owner:

16. February 2018 14:54
by Admin

Add login

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In the row with the * enter username press Tab, first name press Tab, surname press Tab, skip windows name by press Tab

After tabbing from Windows Name, password dialog will appear to enter password. After entry of password, it will add the new user.

On the new user row, select Trusts and allocate trusts applicable to the new login

Once that is done, go to User Rights and allocate the rights

Restart GDMA and try the new login, if not work, login back as yourself, re-enter the password and try again


16. November 2017 17:13
by Admin

Hide share transactions

16. November 2017 17:13 by Admin | 0 Comments

Right click on action column and select Hide

Navigate to another owner then back to refresh the share transactions grid – the “Hide” row should now be hidden.

To temporarily show hidden items, right click in an empty section on the grid, Click Show Hidden


28. June 2017 16:25
by Admin

Automatic owner document linking

28. June 2017 16:25 by Admin | 0 Comments

This new facility allows the automatic linking of documents to owner records. There is nothing required for you to do in the application.

It works by searching files that begin with SH and then an owner id.

For example, the owner id for Eve is 146:

The facility will list all files where the filenames begin with SH146:

The files are located in a folder that you designate. In this example, the folder is in my cloud drive called AriseOwnerUpdates:

However, the folder can be anywhere. The advantage of having it in a cloud drive (such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox) is that the files are automatically backed up in the cloud and can be accessible anywhere there is an internet connection.

For organisations, the folder could be located in a shared folder on your network to allow other staff to access these files. The key is ensuring that the folder is the same name and network path, so it can be shared by all staff in the organisation that use GDMA. Speak with your IT team to designate a suitable folder.


Setting up the folder is simple and only needs to happen once:

Step 1: Click Administration tab, then Options

Step 2: Enter the folder in the "Photo and signature folder" then press Tab

Step 3: Restart GDMA

If you are already using "Photo and signature folder", then the owner documents can be stored here with the photo and signature image files.

All Done

Once the folder is set up, simply place the owner documents into the folder and the application will do the rest.

Drag Drop Files

Click on the Auto Linked Files tab

Drag and drop a file (such as a succession order or a scanned proof of bank account) into the Auto Linked Files Panel

Click Yes

The new facility will automatically prefix the filename with the shareholder’s ID and the current date/time.

File naming

Ensure to name the files with SH then the owner id. After the owner id, the filename can have a space or - then anything else after it.

The files in the list can be opened by double clicking on the file.

Too easy.

8. June 2017 03:51
by Admin

Importing Trust

8. June 2017 03:51 by Admin | 0 Comments

These instructions are for importing a new trust. It is important that a backup of the database is made prior in order to revert back to it if required.


Before the import

Trust Import File

We will supply an email of a file that is used to add the new trust to the gdpro/gdma database. The file is encrypted so there is no need to open it. Save the file to your desktop.

GDMA Update

We will provide an update to GDMA to allow the new trust to be added. This update is provided at the same time as the email is sent out that contains the encrypted trust import file. So please restart GDMA in order for the automatic download and install to start.

Database Update

The GDMA update may request that the database is to be updated due to the GDMA application update. Allow the database update to process.


Import Steps

Click Administration tab

Click Apply Update

Select file provided by Arise Software

Restart GDMA

The trust will now be in GDMA


8. June 2017 02:54
by Admin

New Trust Setup

8. June 2017 02:54 by Admin | 0 Comments

These instructions are for a new trust setup.

Select Administration

Select the newly imported trust

Enter details. In particular the trust total shares as this is used in the distribution.

Then go to Trust Groups

Select the newly imported Trust

Enter details. In particular the DC Acc Name and No, if you do payments by direct credit.

Check what has been imported. Go to reports and select Register Summary:

Select the newly import trust:

Click Print Preview:

Check the total shareholding is as expected: