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3. June 2020 01:32
by Admin

Distribution - Batch Distributions

3. June 2020 01:32 by Admin | 0 Comments

A new facility for Batch Distributions allows for multiple tiered distributions.

1. Go to Distribution

2. Select/Enter:

  • Date
  • Trust (currently not available for trust group)
  • Distribution Type

3. Ensure the tax rates are correct.

4. Select if Maori Authority Tax, or Tax Free

5. Click Batch Distribute.

6. Enter the share ranges

7. Click To Bank Accounts Only (if only those with bank accounts are to get distribution)

8. Ensure Process is ticked

8. Click Distribute

Once Distribute is clicked and after each successful distribution, the Process tickbox will be unticked and the process date and time will be entered into the Processed column, then it will ask if the next distribution is to be processed.

Go to Distribution History to check progress

Go to Reports to compare totals:

31. May 2020 23:44
by Admin

Grants - Kaumatua

31. May 2020 23:44 by Admin | 0 Comments

This article is for those that want to pay Kaumatua where the names are in a spreadsheet.

Kaumatua should have had some connection to a current owner in the trust. Therefore, those in the spreadsheet not in the database:

  • Step 1: Identify those that are in the spreadsheet but not currently in the database
    • It's worth doing a check, otherwise adding an owner that is already in the database will create duplicate owner records.

For each kaumatua in step 1

  • Step 2: In the database, select a current owner in the trust that is related to the kaumatua
  • Step 3: Click Share Transaction tab then click Link Person
  • Step 4: Enter the kaumatua name in Search Shareholder then click Search
  • Step 5: Enter the new owner details when prompted
  • Step 6: Go to the new owner record
  • Step 7: Update the new owner details as per spreadsheet

GDMA has a simplified grant process where a grant is made to owners based on age and trust. The payment is the same for all owners, for example, $50 for a firewood grant.

The following is the manual for the grant process:

If this is the way forward, please complete the above steps and once done, contact Arise Software for further to set up the kaumatua trust.

If more complex requirements are needed, we have a grants add-on available for purchase, that is around the same price as GDPro.

29. May 2020 15:44
by Admin

Tech - Your Cloud

29. May 2020 15:44 by Admin | 0 Comments

Please ensure clients can talk to  using standard https port. The process is seemless. When GDMA's login button is clicked, GDMA will check, license check and return the result back to GDMA. If there are any issues, a message will be displayed – please contact us. We may need temporary access to the client machine for tests.

There is a cloud button on the login screen to click to see if the license check is working.

Also, please ensure GDMA is installed per user profile.

25. May 2020 18:40
by Admin

Payments - Reverse cancelled payment

25. May 2020 18:40 by Admin | 0 Comments

Example cancelled payment that needs to be reversed.

Double click the direct credit batch transaction that has CANC in the reconciled column.

Untick Recon and Cancel

Click Update

Double click direct credit cancelled batch transaction

Click Delete

Use magic code

29. April 2020 15:17
by Admin

Reporting - Ad-hoc - Shareholder Register

29. April 2020 15:17 by Admin | 0 Comments

The following will guide you to making your own shareholder register report, to allow customising your own fields that the main shareholder register report does not have.

Please start with getting familiar with ad-hoc reporting

The video will show how to add the core shareholder fields, then base criteria, then export it to Excel

adhoc20apr20.mp4 (2.01 mb)

Note this report shows total shares and outstanding amount, for the selected trust, as at the day the report is ran.

21. April 2020 21:11
by Admin

Reporting - Ad-Hoc Core Instructions

21. April 2020 21:11 by Admin | 0 Comments

These instructions provides the basics for adding fields and criteria for GDPro's adhoc reporting so you can create your own report.

You would had been directed to this post to complement another post/email that will state which fields and criteria to use for your report.

Add new report

Start with opening Adhoc reporting and adding a new report:

An example finished report setup will look something like this:

There are two sections. The top section are the fields of the report and the lower section is the report criteria.

Add Fields

To add fields, in the top section click the button [...] then click Add a new field.

On the new field entry, click the *

Keep adding new fields for each field required.

Refer to your main email/post on which fields to use.

Add Criteria

To add criteria, in the lower section click the button [...] then click Add a new elementary condition

On the new criteria entry, click the *

Click is equal to to change the criteria clause:

Refer to your main email/post on which criteria to use.

Export the results

Once fields and criteria are added, click Show in Grid, then Export:

This will create an csv file to be used in MS Excel.

For GDPro GO (cloud GDPro): Copy the file from the cloud desktop to your desktop.